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Keith Koehler

Your first treatment will consist of a thorough discussion of your main complaint(s), as well as a health history.  The acupuncturist will then visually evaluate your tongue and palpate your pulse and/or abdomen.  From this your Chinese diagnosis and tentative treatment plan, including frequency and duration of treatments and expectation of relief, will be discussed.

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Keith Koehler, MAOM, C.A. is a certified acupuncturist (NJ).  He is also a member of the Advisory Council for the Holistic Health Graduate Program at Georgian Court University.  He received his Masters degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the New England School of Acupuncture, the oldest school of Chinese medicine in the United States.  Prior to acupuncture Keith earned a Bachelor of Science in Health and Physical Education.  Through his studies in acupuncture and health education, Keith has developed a passion for advancing his knowledge of the human body and how to maintain an optimal level of health.  When he is not in the office Keith enjoys staying active through surfing, tai chi, and coaching high school wrestling.  His goal is to help others enhance their quality of health through treatment and education.

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Your First Treatment

Acupuncture and herbal formulas are two forms of Chinese medicine that were developed over three thousand years ago.  They can be used together or alone to treat the entire family from infants to the elderly.  Both treat the patient through the bodies Qi (chee).  Qi is the body's life energy.  It flows throughout the body in a series of channels.  Each channel is connected with a specific organ and has specific physiological functions, as well as emotional and spiritual components.  When the Qi is flowing freely through the channels all body functions such as; Sleep, Digestion, Energy, Immunity, Concentration, and Mobility are enhanced.  When the Qi flow is disrupted the body can experience disharmony an/or pain.  All aspects of Chinese medicine address the individual as a whole, treating the mind, body and spirit.

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